8 SEO factors to focus on in 2020

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Key for keeping your audience interested and engaged is good quality content. Hiring an seo agency can help you with creating compelling content for your online search engine optimization as well as online reputation management.

Natural referencing has been at the heart of the stakes of most websites for many years. And believe us, it’s not ready to change.

The SEO work (Search Engine Optimization) of a website is still essential, despite the rise of new ways “to be discovered” by its potential prospects (social networks among others). However, like the world that evolves, Google’s SEO criteria also evolve and dictate the rules to follow to be perfectly in line with the number 1 search engine around the world.

What is certain is that it takes into account some 200 factors influencing the organic ranking of sites, factors that evolve and whose expectations Google vary according to the updates of the algorithm.

Although we must respect a maximum of criteria, some are more important than others. We will, therefore, observe the eight criteria of natural referencing to be respected in this year 2020.

1. The architecture of the website

Here is the basis of your website. It’s the architecture that will define its structure and how it will behave towards internet users and search engines.

You have to consider the structure with respect to the tree structure, categories, and pages to define the ideal paths for your visitors. By optimizing these routes, and thinking about the site for your users, you respect the number one rule of Google that is not to think about the algorithm but to people who browse your website.

This work is to be done from the design of the site to lay a solid foundation and then bring a depth of content.

2. The content and its structure

The content precisely, let’s talk about it. If a large part of your SEO is going to be played on the content that you propose and its relevance, the editorial line work and structuring of this content is essential. So you need to know what to say and how to tell your audience, respecting a guideline in your speaking. Pages must be built to feed your purpose and serve your speech while answering potential questions that users can ask on Google.

Similarly, the structure of your pages must be consistent and respectful of what the American engine can expect.

To remember

It is essential to place its tags title, Meta or keywords correctly so that the semantic logic comes out in the eyes of the search engines.

3. The Title tag

Think about the Title tag, which will complete your page and tell Google the details about it. This tag, placed at the pole position of the hierarchy of your page, will dictate to the engine the subject of the page and its semantic orientation.

SEO Title Tag

It is designed in harmony with the other elements of your site and is an absolute necessity to integrate in its code.

4. Inbound links (or backlinks)

In vain to try to minimize them, the incoming links, or backlinks, are essential in a strategy of natural referencing. They give the pages to which they point additional authority and credibility in the eyes of the search engine. Obviously, and we will never stop remembering it, a backlinks strategy must be built. Where quantity was important in the past, now its quality that matters, and in both directions!

A good strategy of net linking is therefore reflected and can work with professionals for an optimal result. Do not hesitate to consult our SEO experts for that matter.

5. The “https” for proof of security

While it should be a standard for most websites, it is quickly realized that many sites have not made the folds. While it is essential to signify the secure aspect on site, few websites take the time to implement this protocol from the SSL certificate (necessary to benefit from the https).


Remember to quickly update your site because Google, in addition to taking into account in its algorithm, squeezes more and more screw about it. All “unsecured” sites will soon see a red warning message before entering the site.

6. The legitimacy of your domain

Through this legitimacy, we can evoke two correlated criteria that will allow a site to gain authority over time.

The legitimacy of a domain by its experience and history will help to win the trust of the search engine. This is partly why it takes time (minimum six months) for a website to begin to position itself and deliver organic results.

Legitimacy can also be perceived from the point of view of topics that the field will address.

7. The speed of the website

How to talk about website performance and SEO without mentioning speed? It is preponderant in the decisions of Google, and his choice to launch the AMP technology is in the direction of an acceleration of the connection time to web pages, including via smartphone. If today you need to worry about a dimension concerning your site, it is its accessibility multi-devices, and the speed of connection to it, whether to access it or to travel on it.

8. Social signals

We talked about it at the starting of the article, social networks have taken a prominent place among many Internet users and enter the criteria of Google.

Given their preponderance on the Internet, it is normal to consider that their impact is increasingly significant in natural referencing. Whether through the traffic they generate, the interactions on the posts or the authority they confer on companies, their impact is not to be neglected in the work of your SEO.

So remember to work well on your social media presence relevant to your audiences, and integrate them into your everyday communicating business.

In the end, we have only listed here 8 criteria among the 200 taken into account by Google in its algorithm. If we wanted to put some in perspective, it is obvious that you must learn and take into account the maximum of criteria, while keeping in mind that the final content must be thought for your visitors, whether in the background as in the form.

By keeping this mantra in mind, you will only be able to do wonders thanks to your digital presence!

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