8 points to improve your google ranking in 2019


Research from specialists shows that about 200 factors are taken into account for Google’s ranking. For you, we have compiled the 8 most essential that must be taken into account in 2019.

SEO “said,” natural is the priority of website owners for several years. And you can believe us; it’s not going to change any time soon.

The tasks concerning the referencing of a site have become even more important than before (referencing = SEO). As a result, the evolution of new techniques allowing “to be discovered” by his prospects. Moreover, it is essential (for example, social networks or targeted advertising).

However, as the world moves, the various SEO factors of our dear Google evolve too. Today, they dictate new rules that must be successfully applied. This is to match the expectations of the most used search system in the world.

It is important to respect these criteria as much as possible, as some have become clearly very important. So for that, we will focus on 8 points to improve your SEO in 2019.

  1. Organize the architecture of your website google ranking

This is really the core of your website. It is the architecture that will drive the digital structure. So also the way that will communicate with customers and Google. It is important to take into account the structure at the tree level, each category, and each page. This allows you to define conversion paths for your customers.

By improving these tunnels or routes, and creating the site for your prospects and customers, you follow Google’s # 1 rule. This rule is not to think only about its algorithm, and only to people who come to visit your site.

  1. Well-structured contents

The content is not an easy task. Most of SEO will be determined by the information provided and also by its relevance (bounce rate). This implies careful work at the editing level, just as the structuring of the content is crucial. You have to know how to communicate about your subject, as well as how to pass it on to your prospects. So the way to achieve this is to respect a common thread in your articles.

Each page will be built to serve its purpose. And at the same time answer any questions that customers are looking for on Google.

  1. Insert Title Tags

You must also integrate the Title tag, which will indicate to the engine the primary information of your page. The tag will be positioned from the beginning of the page structure. So this will give Google the main theme of each page and their schematized content. It will be created according to the different components of the site, and it is necessary to integrate it into each page.

  1. Good inbound links (called backlinks)

Do not underestimate them; indeed some incoming links are clearly essential in your SEO SEO strategy.


Moreover, they bring to the pages on which they direct, a consequent authority. That is to say notions of credibility for the firm of Mountain View. Also, we will not stop to remind you, your link strategy is built on time. Before quantity was important, today in 2019 quality clearly premium!

What you do not know, if the links you created would be considered “false” or “disrespectful of the rules enacted by the web giant”, it will punish your ranking on its google engine. You will quickly note that the site will be lowered and penalized in its positioning.

  1. The SSL certificate or https for security for your ranking on google

This should become, for all websites, a standard. But we quickly realize that many sites have not yet done what is necessary and will see their SEO on Google penalized. It is essential to signify that the site secures the transmission of information.

Unfortunately, too few have made the necessary to fix this with an SSL certificate (which allows displaying the https). We recommend doing this urgently because Google strongly considers this point. This must be done directly on your accommodation.

  1. Do not neglect the legitimacy of the domain name

With respect to this legitimacy, it will also allow gaining authority over time. In terms of the legitimacy of a domain, this is reflected in its history and will increase the trust of Google for the ranking of sites.

This is also why it takes time (usually within 6 to 8 months), so that a website can begin to climb and present natural results. It does not happen overnight. The legitimacy is interpreted by google thanks to the subjects of the articles present on the field.

  1. The speed factor of loading your website for your SEO on google

Speaking of performance of a website, it should be said that it would be unthinkable not to mention the speed of loading and errors.

A dimension that you should worry about in this year 2019 about the website is its accessibility on all types of devices, as well as the speed to load the latter (see article), as much to get there or to navigate there. Because it is one of the major points of the ranking on google in 2019: the mobile.

Remember that any speed of a website has a considerable weight for SEO; it still modifies the behavior of visitors because 4 seconds can be the reason for rebound.

  1. Improve your social cues

We mentioned at the beginning of the article, because yes, social networks take a considerable place in many people and also enter the weighting criteria of Google. In view of the place they have taken on the internet, it is obvious to take into consideration their impact, which is always growing in the SEO of a site.


By the traffic, they generate, and through the interactions of articles or so to the authority they give to companies, this strength should not be forgotten SEO strategies.

We invite you to review your current presence on the typical Facebook and Linkedin networks that would be relevant to your customers and integrate them into the daily life of your company. Google loves true likes and real sharing.


58% of searches come from a mobile

Conclusion: Finally, we put together 8 key factors among the over 200 that Google in its algorithm for its ranking. We made this choice because it is among the basic and our experiences have shown that they can influence the results in a natural way using this small arsenal.

However, it is clear that you must inform yourself and sometimes consider other factors depending on the degree of competition, but it must be remembered that the content must be written for your customers, both in substance and in form.

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