7 Advanced Link Building Methods


It’s undeniable that link building is essential for improving SEO. Any professional SEO services provider in Los Angeles will reckon this is true. An LA SEO services implement link building strategies into their Internet marketing because it is effective and relevant for every industry. The key to a great link building strategy is to harness backlinks from quality sources. Unfortunately, there are still spammy non-professional SEO service providers out there that still utilize black hat methods, so it’s important you do your due diligence and hire a reputable firm.

Over recent years, Google has rolled out a number of updates, including Pigeon, Penguin, Pirate, Panda, Hummingbird and a variety of others. These were all designed to help improve the user experience with better search results and the elimination of Web spam. Because of this, many link building methods have become irrelevant. However, quality backlinks remain at the top.

So what determines whether a backlink is good quality or not? In a nutshell, quality links derive from websites that are trusted, and have value and authority.

The following are 7 advanced link building techniques that still work today.

Broken Link Building

This is a clever way to ensure that you continue to have valid links pointing to your site from reputable websites. The goal here is to search for broken links on your website, using free tools like the broken link checker plug-in. Once you discover the 404 broken links, you can create great content to replace it, then email the webmaster to notify them of the broken link and provide the new link to replace it.

Make sure the professional SEO services you hire in Los Angeles offers an analysis of your Web design and technical SEO.

Resource Links

This plays a big role in establishing yourself as an authority in your industry. People search online for information, so resource links are a must if you want to drive some of that traffic your way. Create an area on your website where you post information, case studies and guides that your audience will find useful.

Guest Blogging

It’s important to emphasize “natural” guest blogging because Google has seen this method being misused by spammy Professional SEO services. Sharing blog posts for the sake of link building isn’t going to cut it. However, if you are going to guest post, then make sure it’s to share information. This will naturally create links on social media and forums as people share your informative post.

Dead Backilnk Recovery

Don’t forget about your dead backlinks. These can slowly drag your website down in the ranks. You’ll need to use the webmaster tool to search for 404 errors. Once you do, redirect them to links on your site that have valuable content.

Take Advantage of Mentions

Each time someone mentions your brand on their website, you can turn that into a backlink. You can do this by asking the site owner to give you a link using your brand name. You can find mentions by using tools like Mention and Google Alerts.

Find Common Backlinks of Competitors

You can find relevant places to obtain backlinks by looking at where your competitors have backlinks. SEMRush is an excellent tool for finding competitors’ backlinks.

Create Infographics

People enjoy visuals because they require less brain power to process and they are appealing. Research shows infographics help boost Web traffic by 12 percent. These also generate 53 more likes than average Facebook posts.

Professional SEO service can be useful for building up your link profile. If you haven’t paid any attention to your backlinks, it’s time to do some cleaning up!



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