6 Reasons Why Your Twitter Users Are Unfollowing You

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It’s not easy developing a Twitter following, especially if you’re attempting to reach into the thousands. Every hard earned follower is worth it because each subscriber is a potential sale. But what happens when people start to unfollow you? It’s bound to happen at some point or another, but when it occurs in droves, then you have a significant problem. But you don’t want to wait until it reaches that point. A Los Angeles SEO agency that specializes in online reputation management can help.

You can’t please everyone, so don’t fret if you get a few unfollowers here and there. Some are due to irrelevant random reasons, while others are sparked by some type of motivation that could have otherwise been prevented. Maybe there was something you could have done or omitted. It’s important to know the motivations behind unfollows, so you can evaluate whether or not you need to do something differently.

The following are the top reasons why people may be unfollowing you.

You Post Too Infrequently

Twitter users like to follow brands that are active, so if your account has posts that are few and far between, then expect to get dusted beneath the mat when people decide to clean up their list of people they follow. And worse, they may side with one of you competitors and follow them.

You’re Posting Too Frequently

There should be a balance in between posting too frequently and posting infrequently. No one wants to have their Twitter feed bombarded with tweets from one individual or brand. The updates should have a steady pace– say, a few posts throughout the day. The only time you should post more frequently is if you’re responding to inquiries. Use your better judgment to figure this one out.

You Use the Same Format

Twitter is a quick-paced venue, so it’s easy to get tuned out, especially if all of your posts have the same format. Switch things up a bit every now and then to keep your posts looking fresh. Instead of just posting a bunch of headlines and links, try including images and videos wherever applicable. You should also be less self-promotional and attempt at posting conversation starters.

You Sound Like the Rest

If your brand doesn’t have a unique voice, then it will come off as just another X in Y industry. The key to hooking people on social media is to have your own unique voice and great content. People like to follow brands with personality, so show it off in your tone, attitude and topics.

You Rarely Reply

Twitter is known for being a fast-paced network, so anyone who contacts you there is expecting an ultra-swift response. Don’t forget to put the “social” in social media. There should be two-way communication. If you’re unable to respond to prospects and customers quickly, then consider hiring an SEO agency to manage your social media marketing accounts. Make sure to thank users, provide feedback and address questions and concerns they have.

Your Posts Are Downright Boring

It doesn’t matter if you post at the right frequency, have a unique voice and switch up your formats to keep things fresh – if your content itself is overall boring, then no one will want to follow you. Avoid posting content that is general. Instead, speak to a specific audience. To pull this off, you need to know who your audience is, so you know exactly who you’re talking to.

SEO agencies in L.A. are well-versed in social media, so if you need help with retaining your Twitter followers, consult with an expert in your area.

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