5 Ways to Boost Your SEO Using Social Media

Social Media for SEO


When you think of how you can rank high on search engines, the first thing that likely comes

to mind is SEO. Getting your Web site on the first page isn’t always easy, especially when

you’re relying solely on SEO. Savvy SEO expert services are taking advantage of another

factor that can greatly impact your position in Google – social media.

Implementing social media into your SEO strategy is a clever way to give your content extra

attention from prospects. It’s an ingenious way to get more of your content to show up in

search results. If you have a Los Angeles Web site that only uses SEO, you can increase

visibility on a local level by using the accounts you have on Google+, Twitter and Facebook.

Here are tips from Los Angeles SEO agency for leveraging your social media accounts.

Create a Vanity URL

On many social media sites, you’re allowed to create a vanity URL, which can be used to

optimize your site for organic search. For the URL, it’s a good idea to use your business name

with or without your city name – for example facebook.com/mikesdinervegas. The URLs you

select for each account should be as similar as possible.

Don’t Leave the “About” Section Blank

This is a mistake one too many businesses make. The about section shouldn’t be treated as

an option. Any L.A. SEO company will tell you that it’s a must. Not only does it help give

prospects more information about your company, it can also be used for SEO. It’s important

that you write relevant information about your services/products and implement keywords that

your prospects are most likely to use.

Take Advantage of Geo-Targeted Keywords

If you have an L.A. based business that serves local customers, then these very customers

are doing local-specific keyword searches. If you’re not using geo-targeted keywords, you’re

missing out on potential traffic. Your descriptions should have geographic markers like cities,

neighborhoods or even a physical address. You can also add local keywords within the

content, such as in the about, special offers or event listings section.

Write Content that’s Shareable

Creating these social media accounts is only part of the equation. It’s very important that you

begin posting shareable content as soon as possible. The more people interact with them

(clicks, shares, likes, +1s, etc.), the higher your social page will be ranked by search engines.

Post Fresh Content Regularly

Search engines love fresh content, especially when it’s dished out regularly. Consistency and

frequency are needed for posting across all of your social media sites. Also, take out time to

respond and to comments on other people’s posts.

Understanding how search engines rank your content is essential for developing a successful

marketing strategy. With these insights, you should have a better understanding of why social

media should be a part of your SEO plan!

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