4 Ways to Make Your Content Pop

Blogging is literally the heart of content marketing strategies. This is why it’s imperative that you keep it healthy with fresh, engaging content. It’s what Google demands and it’s what users desire. If you want your website and brand to remain relevant to your audience, then you need to focus heavily on your content creation. SEO companies in Los Angeles can help you with developing a solid content strategy and a building a responsive Web design (for mobile-friendliness).

According to recent industry stats, 77 percent of users visit blogs, 52 percent of consumers base buying decisions off of a blog’s advice and 57 percent of marketers generate new customers using their blogs. This says a whole lot about the potential of creating compelling blog content.

So what does it take to create content that pops?

Create In-Depth Content

A lot of people are searching for quick reads that are easy to digest. However, well-researched, detailed articles are excellent for generating long-term quality content. Long-form content can be developed in a number of ways, including eBooks, webinars, online courses, feature articles and how-to guides. Consider giving away this content as a download in exchange for their email address.

Write Objective Product Reviews

Establish yourself in your industry by reviewing relevant products your audience is interested in. This can build your credibility and trust. According to one survey, two-thirds of consumers say they trust recommendations and experiences of other consumers versus professionals.

Create Engaging Infographics

You can use data collected from your own study or from other reputable sources to create a captivating infographic. These are still a great way to increase shares and comments from users. Use attention-grabbing colors, legible text and quality images. Studies show that people retain 80 percent of what they see and only 20 percent of what they read.

Keep Your Content Fresh

Not only will this keep prospects coming back for more, but it will also help boost your rankings on search engines. Google rewards blogs that are maintained regularly with fresh, engaging, quality content.

Google measures all of your pages for freshness, then generates a score for each one based on the type of search query. Old content is still used, but for queries that aren’t time-sensitive, like hot topics, recent events, recurring events and new product releases.

So what is considered fresh? In a sense, you can change a sentence or two in an old post and that bit would be considered fresh, but wouldn’t hold as much weight as a post that has a larger section changed.

What also matters is how often you change your site’s content. The more frequent you post new content, the higher your freshness rating will be.

Adding new pages to your blog at a higher rate will give you more brownie points than sites that don’t. Some SEO companies recommend updating your site with 20 to 30 percent new pages every year.

If you are still planning out your content marketing strategy, consider enlisting the help of experts from an SEO company!

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