4 SEO & Analytics Tools You Ought to Try Right Now

With the New Year fast approaching and Google ever-tweaking their algorithms, it’s always a good idea to check in on what’s in and what’s out with the tools available in the market. While some toolsets have been around forever and continue to make the grade, there are certainly some new kids on the block that have stood up and demanded our attention. Whether it’s their superior analytic options, precise segmenting skills or amazing ability to provide data that directly impacts your conversions, all of the tools listed below deserve to be tried out for one reason or another.


Mondovo is the new kid on the block and they are turning some pretty important heads. Mondovo specializes in giving you the ability to move forward with your digital marketing in a modern take. In other words, this isn’t your grandfather’s SEO tool. Research, track, analyze and improve everything on your site with Mondovo’s comprehensive digital marketing toolset (it provides brand and content marketing tools and social media tools in addition to the SEO tools). This is great for people who are running the entire show or companies that need to keep their fingers on the overall pulse of their marketing funnels, but the SEO tools are powerful enough to use even if all you’re looking for is SEO.

Some killer features from Mondovo are:

  • A focus on insights that matter, such as the ones causing shifts in your performance (instead of vanity metrics that older SEO tools like Analytics focus on)
  • Audit tools that tell you exactly what is wrong with your website such as missing meta tags, dupe content, no alt text, etc. and how to fix them. There is an “all website” tool and an “on page” tool so you can go through the whole site at once, or hone in on it page by page
  • Two powerful keyword research tools that some have said is missing in most major SEO toolboxes. You can generate enormous lists of long-tail KWDs with just a few short seed KWDs plus the ability to rake through your competition’s sites to see which keywords they are ranking for
  • A social competition analyzer toolset that allows you to compare your performance vis-à-vis your competitors on Facebook & Twitter.
  • A ranking tool that lets you monitor your website’s location on the SERPs for local and global performance, either in real time or over extended lengths of time. This will show you if you’re moving in the right direction and allow you to pivot (think growth-hacking)
  • A stunning link research tool that lets you check in on the progress of your own backlinking goals as well as see where your competitor’s sites are linking to and being linked from. Also gives you a simple way to identify and kill bad and broken links.
  • Mondovo links in with Google Analytics to get even more data about your visitors so be sure you use both



What makes ClickTale so functional is that it was created by marketers. Working much differently from other analytics tools, ClickTale essentially does exactly what its name says: it tells the tale of your clicks. In other words, for every click, keystroke, scroll or motion your viewers make on your website with their touch pads or mouse, ClickTale captures it and creates a report for your analysis.

This allows you to track where your customers are looking and adjust your website accordingly, making it a powerful optimization tool. After the data is recorded, it is sent to the servers over at ClickTale where it is then smashed up with the actions of the visitor, giving you a near-complete play by play of what your customers are doing during an average browsing sessions. This is a behavioral data that you just can’t pass up on which is why over 100,000 businesses utilize ClickTale as a core analytics tool, including Walmart, the New York Times, CBS and Abercrombie and Fitch.

Here are some of the features that have made ClickTale a “can’t pass up” analytics toolset:

  • A playback for the web session that lets you see exactly what your visitors are doing when they come to your website.
  • Track the movements made by the mouse, touch pad, keyboard or any type of scroll at all.
  • Get the best insights into how your site is being used, pointing out which parts of your site are failing and which are working.
  • Catch errors and optimize the user experience to boost your conversion rates.
  • Get higher ROIs and revenue through optimization of your site.
  • Use the data-rich heat map suite to aggregate the reports into a comprehensive visual display of what parts of your site are “hot” and which are “cold.”
  • Conversion Analytics break down the successes and failures of your conversion funnel with amazing tools such as Advanced Filtering and Conversion Funnels, both of which optimize your site to get more conversions. See where your leads are dropping out of the sales funnel and fix it.
  • Page Console lets you see all of your important error data in one place, giving you a simple way to fix errors based on urgency as well as monitor bounce rates and scrolls to better optimize your website.

Moz Pro

Moz has been around for a long time and you would have probably already heard of it but it’s worth mentioning if you haven’t already tried it. With Moz,you get great tools such as Moz Analytics, Open Site Explorer, Follwerwonk and more, for a total of over a dozen SEO& Analytics tools. Moz Pro is focused on building SEO scores, link building, branding and content marketing.

Here are some of the features that have Moz subscribers dishing out $99 a month:

  • Moz Analytics Dashboard gives you a quick overview of everything that is going on with your inbound marketing efforts, making it perfect for those who don’t have a lot of time to spend underneath the hood
  • You can measure you traffic and growth through a Traffic function, an Attention Function (shows all of the shares and mentions your content is getting), an Authority Function (rates your site in terms of how much it is viewed as an authoritative voice in your niche) and a Data Snapshot Function (shows all traffic coming into your site and provides valuable insight into how all channels are working out for you)
  • The Moz Pro Analytics Search tool gives you in-depth insights into your organic search volume, keyword rankings, keyword opportunities, on-page optimization recommendations and comprehensive crawl diagnostics
  • Analyze all of your links with Moz Links Analytics, directly comparing all of your links against your competitions and creating a portfolio to manage your established links proactively
  • To keep an eye on your brand and image (as well as that of your competition’s and the industry’s as a whole, use Moz Analytics Mentions to get your ears and eyes everywhere on the internet. Find out when they mention you, when they mention them and when the industry is being discussed. Then, get in there!


A very popular choice with those who prefer open analytics platforms is Piwik. Piwik is a worthy alternative platform the almighty Google Analytics and is worth considering if you want to have more control over your analytics. Piwik provides insights that keep your finger on the true pulse of your site, linking you into the growth and success. While not everyone uses Piwik, some notable companies that do are Forbes, Sharp and T-Mobile.

Some great Piwik features are:

  • Providing powerful analytics for your website, Piwik lets you track all the important KPIs e.g. conversion rates, keywords, visits, etc.
  • Piwik is great for ecommerce websites because they provide a unique tool for analyzing your revenue, average value of orders, conversion rates and other ecommerce-related data. You can extract all of this data historically and in real-time with Piwik’s simple to use ecommerce logs.
  • This real-time feature lets you see exactly where your visitors are entering and where they’re going next
  • You can fully customize your dashboard to run one website, or hook all of your websites into one convenient to use dashboard, giving you the all-seeing eye over every site you run
  • Piwik has a goal conversion tracking tool that is slightly better than Google Analytics, making it simple for you to stay on track and motivated. You can also track your events by monitoring the interaction on your websites and mobile apps

If you have an internal search engine on your website, Piwik allows you to track all searches performed, giving you even more insight into your qualified leads

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