4 Rules of a Highly Effective Social Media Strategy


Every small business owner sets out to be an all-in-one expert. They feel they can wear any hat they choose and succeed – at least, until they try and fall short of their expectations. It’s good to invest in expert services from social media marketing companies when you’re looking to enhance your online presence. Building and executing a strategy seems simple enough, but it takes careful analysis over the course of months and even years to perfect a plan. So even when you think you’ve got it all figured out, trends change and you have to begin again.

This brings us to what it really takes to build a successful social media strategy. Here are some of the rules we consider an absolute must-follow.

Listen Before You Act

Many entrepreneurs misuse and abuse their social media profiles. It’s important to note that social media is less about talking and more about listening. Don’t treat social media like a bullhorn you can use to promote your services day in and day out in exchange for a return on investment. Instead, you should be joining in conversations and making a lasting impression on your followers. You can hire the services of social media marketing companies to manage your profiles and discussions.

Focus On One Outcome

This goes out to the entrepreneurs who like to wear many hats. Sometimes, it’s best to specialize in something rather than be a Jack or Jill of all trades. Your social media strategy should be focused on a particular goal so that your methods aren’t all over the place.

Never Sacrifice Quality

Don’t get caught up in how many followers you have or how many people have engaged with your posts. It doesn’t matter how many shares, comments and likes your posts receive if they aren’t from the right audience. Focus on delivering quality content that attracts the few and the mighty. It’s better to engage 1,000 people who are actually interested in your services and products than 100,000 people who could care less.

Patience is Key

Too often small business owners quit their social media strategies too soon. You need to exercise patience if you want to see results. Nothing occurs overnight – this is a long-term plan that requires consistency and persistence. The social media marketing company you hire will express this to you as well, so be prepared. You should also tie in SEO using the professional services you acquire.

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