4 Key Metrics for Repairing Your Online Reputation

Think of your profiles, whether on social media or other sites, as your business suit. How do you want prospects and customers to view you? SEO companies make sure that all your profiles represent your business in the best light for maximum results. Online reputation management or social media marketing, your image must be your best 1st step forward.

Your brand reputation is everything. It can be used to boost profits or to slander your good name. The Internet has made online reputation management easy and hard at the same time. It takes a carefully planned strategy to ensure you’re on the right track. An SEO firm in Los Angeles can provide ORM services to ensure your good name stays just that – good. Of course, it’s impossible to please every customer, so be prepared to have some negative reviews. But it’s not all about good reviews – sometimes, it’s about how you respond to the negative ones.

There are multiple things an SEO company in Los Angeles would do after your reputation has been slandered by online reviews. A reputable firm will recommend the company to analyze the reviews to see if this is something that can be fixed internally. For example, if everyone is complaining about your customer service, then maybe the organization should invest more time and money into building up their customer service process.

One famous quote from Ben Franklin said it best, “It take many good deeds to build a good reputation – and only one bad one to lose it.” So ensure your brand is doing everything possible to save face, even if it means reevaluating your business model.

Owning up to your mistakes is also essential. A lot of businesses ignore complaints, even when they’re in the wrong. This is a sure way to get major backlash from the online community. Make sure you’re apologizing and formulate a plan to prevent the same thing from occurring again. There is no quick fix for repairing reputation damage, but you should see the tide change as people see you attempting to fix the mistake.

As you’re rebuilding your online reputation, you need to pay attention to the following key metrics to ensure you’re making good strides.

Conversion Metrics

There are eight key conversion metrics that are important for every online reputation strategy:

  1. Traffic sources: You want your visitors coming in from a variety of sources. If folks don’t like your brand, they’re less likely to refer friends and family to your company.
  2. New/unique visitors: What are newcomers doing on your website? Are they converting or just browsing?
  3. Return visitors: What are these individuals doing when they return? What made them come back?
  4. Interactions per visit: Watch the behavior of visitors and adjust your methods accordingly.
  5. Value per visit: Divide the number of visits by the total value accumulated.
  6. Cost per conversion: What does it cost to convert a single visitor? Those with bad reputations tend to pay more.
  7. Bounce rate: High bounce rates for a brand with a tarnished reputation could be due to the negativity surrounding its image.
  8. Exit pages: Where are people leaving your site? At the shopping cart, home page or somewhere else?

Social Media Activity

This is another area that is essential for your online reputation management. You can gain a lot of insights from social media, regarding what people are saying and how they’re reacting to your methods.

Online Reviews

This provides a window into the thoughts of your customers. Whether they’re content or dissatisfied. You can find this out on sites like Yelp, Google My Business, Amazon and Foursquare. Google alert can be set up to help find this quickly.

Google Autocomplete

When you type in a search term into Google, it provides suggestions. These suggestions derive from popular searches. This can provide great insight into what a lot of people are typing in when looking for your brand name.

Your online reputation management is a key part of keeping your business up and running. An Internet marketing firm can create a plan to repair and protect your brand image.

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