3 Ways to Boost Your Lead Generation Efforts

Web site design plays a huge role in how the traffic you drive to your web site with great SEO efforts will behave. Efforts of a good seo agency can bring the prospects to your web site and help you with making sure that the traffic translates into customers.

You’ve jump-started your small business, but leads are getting slower and colder by the day. What can you do to revive your lead generation? You’ve likely exhausted all efforts, such as mailing out fliers, reaching out on your social media platforms and hitting up your email list for referrals, but nothing seems to be working. The good news is there are other ways you can enhance your lead generation. You may need the help of professional services from an SEO company, which can offer you social media marketing services and even online reputation management (hey, you may learn that your image is keeping prospects from jumping on your bandwagon!)

The following lead generation methods are commonly used by brands large and small.

Writing eBooks

If you’re in the B2B market, this can work exceptionally well for you. Heck, it can sometimes even work in B2C industries. It all comes down to the topics you’re covering and how relevant it is to your audience. The key is to share information that is hard to find or that’s highly valuable to your target market. Actionable insights should be included to help readers feel empowered. You can hire a professional who offers SEO and Internet marketing services to write the content for your eBooks, if you lack the time or skill to do it yourself.

Offering Newsletters

If you have yet to start building up your list of email subscribers, this is one way to get them to join. Of course, you need to entice visitors with what they’ll get out of signing up. Let them know if you’re going to share industry secrets, teach them how to do something or provide regular updates on industry news. You have to know what your readers want, so you can offer it in your series of newsletters.

Open a Blog

Blogs go hand-in-hand with newsletters and eBooks. This can help build up your online reputation and it’ll give your SEO a boost, if you use the right keywords correctly. A blog opens up communication between you and your audience, allowing you to pinpoint exactly what they like and don’t like. Review what posts have the most shares and see what people are writing in the comments. An agency with professional SEO services can help gauge your content and even come up with a better strategy.  A social media marketing strategy would also be in store if you want your blog to gain visibility.

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