3 Tips for Finding the Ideal Influencer to Partner with

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Social media creates superstars. These superstars have something every brand wants – the attention and trust of consumers. The products and services these influencers promote are more than likely going to be used by their followers. So if you can partner with these influencers and have them promote your business, then you can greatly increase your customer base. Combine this with the great SEO strategy your hired agency has created and you can really enhance your brand recognition.

However, the one mistake many businesses make is choosing the wrong influencers. The way you go about selecting who to partner with is very important. Just like you wouldn’t sell half your company to just anybody, neither should you allow anyone to promote your brand.

So as you’re browsing around for influencers to collaborate with, keep the following tips in mind.

Find Influencers On BuzzSumo

This is one tool you can use to help you find the best influencers to partner with. You’ll see many SEO agencies in Los Angeles using it for that and other purposes. It allows you to find influencers within your industry, using keywords and other filters, such as dates and types (i.e. bloggers, companies, journalists, etc.). You can also review which links they recently shared, which will give you a better idea of what they’re about.

Identify their Reach and Engagement

Too many brands, and even some mediocre SEO agencies, look at vanity metrics when looking for influencers. This includes number of followers and subscribers. While such data can make an influencer seem really great, it doesn’t tell you much about how they can help your business. What’s more important to look at is engagement, such as comments, likes and shares. The more of this you see, the better. There are many social media profiles out there with a lot of followers, but no one is paying that brand’s posts any attention. The only way to know is if they’re conversing, sharing and liking the content.

Determine their Relevancy to Your Brand

Even if you find great influencers with lots of engagement, that doesn’t mean they’d make the right fit for your brand’s products and services. If their fans and followers aren’t interested in what your business has to offer, then their promotions will fall on deaf ears.

Finding the best influencers is easier when you have great content for them to share. Consider hiring a SEO services company to help design a content plan.

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