PPC? Let Someone Else Manage It

PPC ManagementPPC isn’t easy. Here are 3 Major Reasons why you should contract out your PPC management to an agency like I Think An Idea.

One of the most frequent questions by prospective clients concerning Pay Per Click advertising services is: For what reason should i seek the services of a PPC Management company to manage my Pay per click account instead of recruiting someone to do it in-house? It is a fair concern, and to be truthful, it mainly depends on your organizations particular situation.

Permit me to offer a hypothetical scenario: You are the CMO of a specialized construction company in the center of a sizable town. You happen to be presently operating a Pay per click campaign that spends $15,000 per month. Not only is it taking a large amount of your time and energy from other important efforts, but you also will not be attaining the Return on your investment you expected. What upsets you the most is that you identify that your ads are getting plenty of clicks, but they are not converting into transactions.

Chances are, you are unsure of how to improve this Pay per click account and you are tired of wasting money. You already know that you require support in the form of an expert(s) to manage your Pay per click account. So what now? Do you hire someone in-house or contract out to an agency that specializes in Pay per click?

Below are three reasons why outsourcing your Pay per click work is less expensive as opposed to retaining it in-house.

1. Tools

There are numerous aspects involved in the running of a successful PPC campaign, including: keyword research, bid management, and landing pages. Numerous resources (free, paid for, and custom) have been designed and will continue to develop to improve Pay per click management techniques. PPC specialists are not only constantly researching and evaluating these products in order to offer you better returns, but also putting together their own to make their procedure more effective.

2. Expertise

The landscape of PPC advertising is frequently evolving. Google constantly makes alterations to its algorithm, making management of your accounts a never-ending task. Working with these modifications is key for the advancement of your PPC efforts, making on-going education imperative.

PPC Management Companies are the best equipped for this purpose. In addition to having the time for constant education on new PPC techniques, nearly all companies also attend search marketing conferences to master new solutions to execute their present methods more efficiently.

3. Value

Consider the greatest concern for most business owners, what is in fact more economical?

Using a Pay per click expert in-house entails a salary as well as benefits. The starting cost for a PPC specialist is about $45,000 each year. After that, you should look into their employee benefits package:
* Health insurance
* Vacation time
* Sick leave
* And so forth.

After a benefits package you will be looking at $60,000 per year, excluding bonuses, possible pay increases, and on-going PPC training. Compare that with the cost to outsource a company specializing in PPC Management.

To start with, you cannot assume all PPC providers have the same cost framework. Most of the time, respected Pay per click providers ask for approximately $3,000 or an amount (commonly approximately 20%) of the media budget per month (added budget = higher cost). Best of all, you have a group of experts at your disposal.

Consider the aforementioned construction business example using a media budget of $15,000 per month:

In-house $60,000 per individual
Outsource $36,000 per crew (savings of $24,000 annually)

To remain reasonable, all PPC providers may not be created equal. To protect your company, look at each PPC Firm to figure out which one is the proper match for your organization.

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