20 Things We’ve Learned about Internet Marketing

20 Things Internet Marketing

20 Things Internet MarketingAs an SEO company, we are learning just as much as our clients over the years. Internet marketing has changed a lot since it first debuted, and so have the SEO companies that provide various marketing services. Although it’s been around for about a decade now, internet marketing is actually a very new industry. Google, in fact, is just 14 years old. There is so much information out there and we’re constantly learning and evolving to better help our clients and become a better SEO company.

In our time, we have learned a lot about internet marketing. Here are 20 of the things we’ve discovered that we think everyone needs to be aware of:


1. SEO is not dead. It’s evolving into a new form, almost constantly.
2. Google is ranking brands. They aren’t ranking websites.
3. Optimize visual content, always. The title and alternative text should include keywords.
4. On social media, engagement is the most important metric to track.
5. When it comes to content, followers, rankings, and other items that can be quantified in your marketing strategy, remember that quality always comes first.
6. Visual content is a must. This is the first thing people see, and with today’s average user facing a serious lack of attention it’s a quick way to get their interest.
7. Your social media platforms are extensions of your customer service.
8. Content is king, and will be for the foreseeable future.
9. Eye-catching titles, lists, tips, and guides are great blog content features.
10. Make titles user-friendly, not search-friendly.
11. Slideshares can be crawled for links. Capitalize on that.
12. Infographics get noticed and give information at the same time, a foolproof choice.
13. Local search and SEO is evolving into a must-have feature.
14. Mobile intent is different than desktop user intent, drastically.
15. Companies like ours exist because this is a big task and you need support.
16. You should never buy followers, comments, reviews, etc. Genuine content counts.
17. You should track all of your marketing campaigns.
18. Google makes a lot of changes; getting mad at them is not worthwhile or effective. Just roll with the changes.
19. It is important to find the balance between creating content for the user and the search engine.
20. Even professional SEO companies like ours are constantly learning and growing.

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