11 reasons why infographics will save your business


Many people believe that the essence of content marketing is writing blog posts. In truth, such an opinion is very far from the truth.

“Content” in content marketing should be understood as everything that the end-user can consume. This means that all types of media are content, including text messages on blogs, videos, and graphic information.

What are infographics?

According to the definition given on Wikipedia, infographics are a graphic way of presenting information, data, and knowledge, the purpose of which is to quickly and clearly present complex information. Simply put, this is the presentation of data in a structured way through graphs, charts, maps, and visual stories without having to read large volumes of text.

Why infographics work?

  1. Infographics – another brick in the branding wall

Firstly, the logo of your company will be on the infographic; it should reflect the conceptual decisions of your brand and not go against his ideas. Like any content, infographics are the voice of your brand and an element of your corporate identity; therefore it is also responsible for what they learn about you.

If you place relevant, useful content in an unusual design, you can get a good advantage: in addition to talking about your brand and products, you can teach people some new things. Automatically, you become an expert in the eyes of consumers, and respect for you is increasing at a psychological level.

  1. Consumer society infographic

To overestimate the importance of infographics is very difficult. After all, 90% of all the information stuck in the consumer’s brain is images. 40-45% of people are more likely to respond to a picture, rather than to a plain text.

A reader loves infographics, saves it, but most importantly, he really shares it. The results of many studies show that quality infographics are viewed and read 30 times more often than regular blogs with text articles.

  1. And it grows

You can’t listen to people who say that infographics are a relic of the past. These people just don’t know how to create it. According to Google, there are more and more requests for infographics; at the moment, the number of requests has increased by 10 times compared to previous years.

  1. Infographics – a godsend for SEO

There are few tools that can boast more efficiency for SEO strategies than infographics. A large number of links to which infographics lead are very relevant; therefore, such content is very targeted. Marketers around the world argue that if your post is accompanied by cool infographics, then you can get 567% more clicks on the site than if it were a regular article from a single text.

  1. Infographics – the wind of change to a larger audience

People who go to your site through an external link through infographics, of course, not all will become your customers. Just because not all of them will even be your target audience. But many will be. You will see that the statistics of site visits will grow rapidly after you first post the infographic. It has been confirmed that the traffic to the website of companies using infographics is growing 12% faster than those that do not use it.

  1. For everyone

The most viral and popular infographic is the image of some recent data, recent discoveries, or any information in the trend. But this does not mean that you do not need to apply infographics if the sphere in which you work is not as volatile as marketing or technology. Fashionable, modern, youth design will help to become popular and already established and ready-made conceptual solutions.

  1. Like, share, chat

It should be remembered that publications on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest are a measure of the relevance and quality of your content, so it is very important to focus your content marketing strategy on those things that readers would like to share with their friends and subscribers. Over the past month alone, the word “infographics” could be found in user posts at a staggering 56,765 times – it seems that this proves that the idea of ​​promoting your business through infographics is true anywhere – from social networks to outdoor advertising.

  1. People love Pinterest, and Pinterest loves infographics.

Pinterest is one of those sites that have been successfully optimized for infographics. Stop by, and you will see that visually rich, long vertical images are in many ways superior to other pins. If you decide to create infographics, then your company has a chance to appear on this extremely visited resource in all its glory. When going to company sites through external links, Pinterest goes ahead of Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn combined.

  1. Memorable infographics

Did you know that the human brain filters over 99% of sensory information? The enormous amount of various content that surrounds modern man every day is very overwhelming, so all people have developed certain tactics in order to ignore a variety of garbage. Website conversion experts believe that infographics are included in that 1% of information that consumers have not yet ignored. If the text is well understood only in a certain sequence, then the visual elements of the eyes are read and contextualized immediately. This suggests that the likelihood of ignoring or forgetting your cool infographic is small.

10 Many, many more times

At first, you might think that a long infographic is not very convenient for publishing on Facebook or social medial. But in fact, this form makes it possible to remind the audience more than once about you and your idea, which is enclosed in infographics. By dividing infographics into separate parts and images, it is possible to warm up interest in an important topic each time, and at the same time not to bother readers with the same type of information.

  1. About the most important thing

If you use infographics in business, you can evoke in the relationship with customers such feelings that they experience when it comes to working.

To admire attractive, subtle images, to receive simple joy from this – this reflects the main ideas and business proposals, makes up the emotional part of branding that makes it the only true one – with love for customers.

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